Northern Monkey Art

Northern Monkey Art - Original watercolours, acrylics and oils by amateur artist Geoff Gee. Completely self taught, Geoff started producing watercolours but has recently moved into oils, having toyed briefly with acrylics.

Paintings are offered for sale but many of his paintings are produced for personal pleasure.  As the years go by, paintings have become bolder and oils are particularly vivid and brighter than traditional watercolours.   Commissions are always welcome.

More about my paintings

Originating from the North of England my art only really began when living in Derbyshire which can be seen from a number of local scenes.  Snow scenes whilst in Derbyshire became a particular favourite, but so far these are mainly in watercolour.

Being drawn to the sea is brought out in a number of paintings.  Favourite locations include Lindisfarne, New Quay and other seaside villages in Wales and now Cornwall!

In 2020, a permanent move to the Cornish coast resulted in a number of local seascapes, this time mainly in oils.   

You will see a number of styles have been used, some more comfortable than others, with some being experimental!.

Whilst I have ventured into portraits, most of my artwork is sea and landscapes.

As well as Cornwall, Lindisfarne on the island of Holy Island and linked to the Northumberland mainland by a tidal causeway, is spiritual tranquil place holds some special memories and it's beauty makes for a wonderful backdrop.  

Being settled in beautiful Cornwall, I expect that from this point my paintings will reflect the love I have of this part of the world!

Commissions are welcome so please don't hesitate to contact me if you like my paintings and would like to own one of your own of your favourite location. 
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